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5PCS Folding Clothes Hanger

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1.Professional ergonomic design, the travel hanger can easily fit into a small pocket travel bag or luggage, saving space, convenient and completely effortless.

2.Each folding hanger is strictly selected by us, it is made of environmentally friendly PP material with excellent production process, and has good flexibility for all types of clothes.

3.Baby clothes hanger is designed with windproof buckle, not easy to be blown off by the wind when using, so that your clothes remain intact, strong weight-bearing capacity, some larger clothes can also be easily dried.

4.Most hotel accommodations do not have hangers, we travel with a travel hanger can solve the problem of drying clothes, both convenient and hygienic, travel without worrying about changing clothes when no clothes to wear.

5.Portable clothes rack storage is also very convenient, the use of closet storage classification is clear, a variety of clothing classification hanging neat and orderly, when not in use can be folded into the locker, saving space.


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