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Handle Shoe Brush Cleaner

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U-shaped brush head design, large brush surface, large cleaning area, high efficiency, can penetrate deep into the gap of dead corners, and remove scale more thoroughly. Long Handle Shoe Brush Cleaner

The soft brush teeth gently clean the upper, the strong side brush removes the residual stains in the dead corners, and the tip of the tail is designed to clean the grooves and the stains accumulated in the sole. Long Handle Shoe Brush Cleaner

The brush tail has a hole design, which is convenient for storage, can be wall-mounted, is more conspicuous, and does not take up space. Long Handle Shoe Brush Cleaner

High Quality material handle, strong and wear-resistant, not easy to break. The soft PE material brushes the teeth, which is not easy to split and deform, and does not damage the upper. Long Handle Shoe Brush Cleaner

Long Handle Shoe Brush Cleaner Suitable for various occasions, such as brushing shoes, clothes, bathroom, toilet, kitchen utensils, cleaning countertops, etc.

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