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K5 Nano Atomizer Sprayer

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Adopt dual-core processor: Spray gun independent boost charging technology, powerful performance, long-lasting stability; Achieve nano-level atomization output: custom-made high-pressure air pumps and siphon atomization nozzles above 5000 rpm.

Spraying distance can reach 59 in: Nano spray gun can be sprayed directly on the surface of the human body, fabrics, home appliances and other objects, without the feeling of being wet, and even covering without dead spots: easy to thoroughly clean.

Automatic operation and labor-saving: K5 sprayer no need to manually pressurize, you can operate by lightly pressing with your fingers; two gear designs to cope with different scenarios; lightweight design, no burden on hand: only equivalent to the weight of a 1.5L bottle of mineral water, hand-held Easier.

Ultra-long battery life: Atomizer sprayer equipped with 2000 mAh power lithium battery, it can stand by for about one month, and can work continuously for more than 1 hour at high gear.

Wide range of uses: home, office, school, catering, entertainment venues, car interiors, various small and medium-sized environments, in addition to daily hygiene and cleaning, atomizer can also replace indoor humidification, aromatherapy, water replenishment, watering devices, etc. as garden fogger sprayer.

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