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Nano Facial Mister

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1.Keep your face moist all the days: Nano mist spray help to moisten the skin surface and make the mineral substance more easily penetrate into the basal cell layer of the skin for better deep cleaning.

2.Handy and portable: mini mist sprayer is covenient to keep in your handbag and purse, you can use it anytime and anywhere.

3.Function: This Tank Can Filled with Mineral Water, Toner. You Can Use It as A San~itizer Machine to Avoid Your Hands, Keys, Mobile Phone, Jewelry from harmful materials in the Special Time.

4.Easy to use: Stand upside down and unscrew the water tank and add mineral water in it, screw the water tank and flip it then press the button.Produce a fine mist, penetrate deeply into the skin, moisturize the skin without damaging the makeup. it refreshes your makeup throughout the day.This keeps you relaxed and cool in hot weather and keeps your skin hydrated in winter

5.Multifunctional and pratical: Moisturize and refresh your Skin( Suitable for all kinds of skin); used before and after makeup, making it easier to apply makeup and not dizzy; open your pores, help remove dirt, oil and make-up on the face etc.

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