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Vacuum Sealer Machine,

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Vacuum Sealer Manual - The automatic vacuum sealer can keep the freshness of fruits, nuts, meat, sweets, and vegetables, preventing foods from getting freezer burned, molded, and spoiled, reduces spoilage and food waste.

Keeps Food Fresh up to 5X Longer:This vacuum sealer machine has 90W of high power can quickly drains the air and shrink the package, extending food preservation time up to 5 times longer than usual package( basically depending on the type of food) and still maintains the original taste of food ,decrease going bad, to avoid wasting food to save money, Ideal food sealer machine for vegetables, meat, fruits, marinated food.

Great Suction - The Automatic Vacuum Sealer a lot of suction power, the food is better kept and it saves space for the fridge. Keeps meat and seafood fresh. Solved the peculiar smell of the refrigerator at home.

Two Sealing Modes - This food sealer is designed with separated buttons (for sealing and vacuum) with LED indicator lights, easily guide you through the vacuum sealing process, ensures hands-free and effective operation.

Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System - Designed with fully automatic vacuum sealing system, bottom case is waterproof, outer air vent, and low-noise feature together make it safe and comfortable for using.

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