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Warm Light Table Spray Mist Electronic Hand Held Fan, Portable Misting Fan, for Desktop, Camping, Outdoors

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Ice fog desktop humidification fan water supply artifact summer small air conditioner.
The water molecule atomization technology is adopted, so that the water molecules can be fully diffused into the air so as not to produce water droplets to return to wet the desktop.
Use ice water atomization to blow out cold air to absorb the heat in the air in the air duct to achieve the cooling effect.
Low-noise humidification for warm companionship at night.
The wind is loud and the sound is light, does not affect sleep and mood, and enjoys the soft and comfortable natural wind.
1. Strong wind, can be refrigerated, warm night light, intelligent anti-dry burning
2. Foldable/multi-angle, delicate water mist, noiseless humidification
3. Using water molecular atomization technology, skin-friendly and moisturizing, effectively reducing the surrounding temperature
4. Use ice water atomization to blow out cold air, absorb the heat in the air in the air duct, and achieve the cooling effect
5. Simple button design, easy to control sleep wind, natural wind, strong wind
6. Left and right 120 degree adjustment direction, cool and no dead angle
7. Water tank capacity: 350ml
8. Function: humidification, air supply, night light function
9. Noise: below 36dB
10. Power mode: USB direct plug
11. Input voltage: 5v
12. Input current: 1A
13. Material: ABS
14. Humidification capacity: 35ml/h
15. Packing list: fan, Type-c charging cable, instruction manual, certificate of conformity
16. Size: 13.3x11.2x11.2cm
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